Cloud Backup Services

Cloud backup service and protection of mission-critical data is absolutely essential to your business.

Shadik Technologies was founded on the principal of providing affordable business techology services solutions without sacrificing quality or customer service.
Every minute without access to your data leaves you counting the losses of downtime and lost productivity you cannot afford without cloud backup service. Exponential data growth and constantly changing technologies can also make it difficult to get the job done on time. Think about how much time and money you have invested in managing your backup systems without cloud backup service.

Why you require Shadik's cloud backup service?

Business continuity is essential. You need to restore your data from cloud backup service on demand when it's corrupted or lost, so you don't notice any lost data. SMB data growth typically expands at a rate of 30 to 50 percent per year. You need all of your mission critical data to be safe and secure with cloud backup service as that growth occurs. Your IT infrastructure is complex, with competing technologies running at the same time, virtualized servers and computers working from remote locations. You need your data to be safe and secure with cloud backup service across all locations.

Data Recovery with cloud backup service

  • Avoid cumbersome, expensive and unreliable tape backups
  • Increase your backup's reliability
  • Fast 2-hour service level agreement (SLA) restoration
  • Easy to restore, even down to a single file
  • Full time data available


  • Eliminate upfront capital expenditure
  • Pay as you go for the cloud backup service space you need as your business grows
  • Different cloud backup service retention periods, matching various data protection needs
  • Eliminate ongoing infrastructure IT costs


  • Effective cloud backup service for virtual or physical environments
  • Cloud backup service from a few files to your entire servers
  • Automatic, full cloud backup service and restoration management
  • Simple billing packages
  • Unlimited cloud backup service storage capabilities
  • Rely on our expert management of your cloud backup service solution