Colocation Hosting

Understanding the Advantages of Colocation Hosting

An important principle of modern business is to keep your firm agile by relying upon partners that can improve operations while keeping costs down. By utilizing the colocation hosting services offered by Shadik Technologies, your server will be collocated within a hosting facility that specializes in colocation hosting dedicated servers. With a colocation hosting plan, you can realize both the goal of having a secure network at your disposal and focus more on your business daily operations. Feel confident about your IT needs by colocation hosting your server inside a data center facility that fully supports your business operations.

Colocation Hosting inside a data center has many benefits including:

Improve Bandwidth Cost Effectiveness

  • We specialize in IT infrastructure and have fast, reliable bandwidth connections that deliver even more for your money. As a result, we can deliver fast, affordable and reliable colocation hosting data transmissions at an even more affordable rate than traditional in-house solutions.

Secure Your Data from Outages and Breaches

  • Our colocation hosting infrastructure is secure from both power outages and unwanted intrusions, since we have state of the art backup generators and firewalls in place to secure your data at all times.

Give Your Business Flexibility to Move and Centralize IT operations

  • If your business is looking to expand or centralize operations, a colocation hosting presence can give you the flexibility to make the right decisions for your business.

Achieving Non-Stop Internet means that we are responsible for supplying a data center that makes your colocation hosting servers available to the Internet always:

  • 8 Tier-One Backbone Providers -- your Internet connection is routed through the fastest path as traffic increases
  • High Capacity Fiber Optic Sonet Ring Network
  • Enterprise Class Switches & Routers
  • Strong SLAs with 99.995% Uptime guarantee in writing -- you can sleep easy knowing that your uptime is absolute
  • Redundant Back up Power -- your power can never go down with our redundant power sources
  • 24-hour monitoring by Network Operations Center
  • Pro-Active Support Service -- you always get a live person who can solve your colocation hosting problems at any time on any day

Why do our clients choose to locate their servers in Shadik's Colocation Hosting Center?

  • Their facilities may not be able to adequately cool the servers
  • They have run out of space for their growing server farm
  • They can't rely on uninterrupted power from their local power company
  • They don't have reliable Internet service
  • Their servers are not secure in the company offices