Dedicated Server Hosting

Customize your own dedicated server hosting with our simplified pricing

All servers include 24/7 Tech Support and 2000GB bandwidth monthly
Businesses of any size can benefit from our Dedicated Server Hosting service offerings.

Dedicated Server Hosting

With a Dedicated Server Hosting service you will be able to make use of a stand-alone server for your hosting needs - there will be no other clients on it. This way, you can take advantage of all of the server's resources for your hosting needs - running resource-heavy scripts and managing complex web applications and websites. With Dedicated server hosting , you will have a whole server machine dedicated just to you. Much like a personal computer, with a powerful machine available just for you, you can do a lot more as compared with a shared web hosting account or a Virtual Private Server. You will be able to use the whole CPU power for your needs and the entire RAM memory will be just for you. Our comprehensive security strategy maximizes your server's up time, protects your private information, and reduces business risk. We ensure your data is safe with certified operational procedures, a wide range of software and hardware security solutions and strategic partnerships with key security companies for your dedicated server hostingĀ  solution.

Shadik Technologies offers built in priority support for all our VPS and Dedicated hosting server hosting clients, including:

  • 24/7 Priority USA based support
  • Data resilience and redundancy
  • High bandwidth prioritization
  • Multiple layers of failover and redundancy
  • Root and/or Admin access
  • Ability to install and run any private application on your dedicated server
  • Scalability for system resources with fast upgrades reducing any downtime