Quick Links Support

If any assistance is needed for any quick links feel free to contact us – we’re only a phone call away!

Need a Client Portal?

The unique level of responsibility that comes with acting as stewards of our clients’ most sensitive information has made the use of secure, Web-based client portals an absolute necessity. Quick Links allow for a secure and customizable alternative for the transfer and storage of sensitive information.

The Question of Security

Using a password protected quick links is tantamount to having a safety deposit box for each client’s files that only the client has access to. Many client portals include the same impressive 256-bit SSL encryption used by banks and other financial institutions to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to quick links.

Quick Links Familiarity

Since most clients are familiar with Web based systems, taking advantage of similar interfaces that have been in place for years to review bank statements and pay invoices; we are quick to embrace and adapt to the use of client portals. Quick links are so widely used now that many clients have come to expect client portals and show a strong preference for them over more archaic and less secure methods of payment, data transfer, and  real-time collaboration. Using our secure quick links we offer full manageability and insight to your sensitive account information.